PocketProTM door tool—making old pocket doors roll like new again!

The PocketPro door tool is an exciting new professional-grade product I've invented for fast, clean and easy removal and replacement of most pocket door track rails from the 1950s to today's hardware---without cutting a hole in the wall to get access to the track rail. PocketPro works so well that it's patented and I offer them for sale.

PocketPro is designed for removing track rails for 2/0, 2/2, 2/4, 2/6 doors and an optional extension is available for 2/8 and 3/0 pocket doors. It's recommended to use a right angle  variable speed 3/8" cordless drill and drill bit extension (not included with the PocketPro door tool).

Real examples of PocketPro to the rescue

• A broken pocket door between kitchen and bathroom. Traditional repair means removing either tile in the bathroom or cabinets in the kitchen plus cutting open the wall then repairing and repainting. PocketPro prevents all of that and got the repair done in about an hour.

• An apartment building with dozens of failing pocket doors needing to be repaired. With PocketPro each door can be made fully functional in about an hour.

• A hotel room with a broken bathroom pocket door so that the room must be taken out of service until repaired. Using PocketPro to make repairs the room is fixed the same day.

• Inaccessible pocket door between a brick chimney and a tiled bathroom wall. Using traditional repair methods means thousands of dollars and possibly weeks to replace the track and repair the tiled wall. Using PocketPro it was fixed it in about an hour.

Features and Benefits

• easy to use
• saves time and money
      - no costly, time consuming and dirty wall demolition, repair and re-painting
• compatible with Stanley, Johnson and Sterling track rails
• includes a powerful LED light
• lightweight: weighs less than 5 pounds
• made in Sonoma County USA
• patented

How to use the PocketPro tool

1. Remove the door stops, door guides and door. The door casing may also need to be removed depending on the construction.

2. Insert the PocketPro tool into the pocket and remove the screws that attach the rail to the head or top of  the pocket door frame. Remove the old track rail.

3. Reverse the process!!

    PocketPro provides you with a competitive advantage which means it's an excellent profit maker for contractors, property maintenance departments and tool rental companies. With PocketPro you'll be a hero by completing pocket door repairs quickly and efficiently without costly wall demolition and repair, thereby saving customers money and headache.